Halonen Enhancement Shaman



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    Halonen Enhancement Shaman

    Post by Halonen on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:06 am

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times?: Yes on both.
    Can you listen on Ventrilo? Yes.
    Can you speak as well? Ofcourse.

    What? This noob is only lvl40?! What the F@*K?!: Heyh heyh wait.. Im putting my hardcore face on and leveling this character to 60 today.
    Character name: Halonen
    Class: Shaman
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: Enhancement
    Relevant stats: My level is still low.

    Previous characters from Blizzard servers:
    Sienisepi – 80 Wlock
    Lizzu – 80 Wlock
    Tankercow – 80 Druid
    Möhömaha – 80 DK
    Alkkis – 80 DK
    Thorinix – 80 Shaman
    Theramóre – 80 Shaman
    Toosa – 80 Warrior


    Raid experience (I didn’t play in pre-TBC. But Iv cleared all the old content several times in TBC except Naxxramas)
    Karazhan - Cleared.
    Zul’aman - Cleared.
    Serpentshiren Cavern – Cleared .
    Tempest Keep – Cleared.
    Black Temple – Cleared.
    Sunwell – Only three first bosses.
    Naxx 10/25 – Both cleared.
    Malygos 10/25 – Both cleared.
    Sarhtarion10/25 - Both cleared on normal and with three drakes.
    Ulduar10/25 – Both cleared on normal and hardmodes.
    TOC10/25 – Both cleared on normal. 10-Man version cleared as heroic and three first bosses on heroic in 25-Man
    ICC10/25 – All bosses except Lich King cleared on both.

    About the WOTLK raids: Me and my fellow guild members were the 5th guild to clear Sartharion and three drakes back in WOTLK. We managed to clear Naxxramars 25-Man as 10th guild and Malygos 25-Man as 5th in Ice-crown citadel, we were training on on Lich King, our guild killed it but I wasent on that group.

    Class/spec experience: Iv played shaman from middle of BC now, since that iv learned a lot from my class. There is always some way to improve you gameplay but as I can say, im pretty good and know pretty much about my class. When i played on Blizzard servers, I readed a lot about shamans in PRETBC. I played resto as mainspec first but changed to enha in WOTLK. I was in top3 resto shamans on my server and on top10 as enha, though my gear was pretty crap I out dpsed meny better geared shamans.

    Time spent theorycrafting: Roughly said iv spent about.. 20 Hours? On theorycrafting.

    Me in raid group: Im polite, helpful and my focus is always at 110% when raiding. When training or iv never been on some particular figth I might fail at the first attempt but I learn very fast. My fail percent has been very low so far. I always read and watch videos about bosses iv never been before the raid. I always have the required flasks and buffs for raids.

    Location: Finland
    Age: 18

    Why do you want to join Forsaken?: Im looking for a serious raiding guild with some mature and polite players in it. I don’t care about dirty jokes on guild chat but you get what I mean with maturity. Im looking forward to see all the old content with a good group. Epics are just extra, so I don’t run after them.

    What kind of person are you?: I have a good sense of humor, im polite, little shy at the first maybe but when I get to know you guys I can be very talkative. If I got a bad day I wont show it to enybody by raging or ngging, I just stay quite. Iv learned one thing about me, if I want to achieve something, I will. If i don’t have motive for it, I wont. Im always looking for new ways to improve my gameplay, so im open for helping.

    What can you bring to the guild?: Focused, experienced, hardworking and skilled enhancement shaman. I have experience with a few of the other classes and a very good understanding of how the game works in general.

    Anything you want to add?: PS. Don’t let the vanilla raid experience blind you, I know they are 400% harder than WOTLK/TBC! (Sorry for the typos aswell, i spent two hours to this application)

    Thank you for reading my application.

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    Re: Halonen Enhancement Shaman

    Post by Jindo on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:26 am

    your application seems impressive, although you dont have to use capslock Wink
    exstacy will take a look at this though im pretty sure we dont need an enhancement shaman anymore since we got a stable one already. ofcourse this isnt 100% sure Wink

    good luck

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    Re: Halonen Enhancement Shaman

    Post by Exstacy on Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:52 am

    Unlike Jindo I'm not impressed by the application, though I appreciate the rarity of clear structural applications. Much of the info is irrelevant and the fact that you're newly dinged doesn't help your case.
    Work on your application and GL finding a more suitable raiding guild.



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    Re: Halonen Enhancement Shaman

    Post by Halonen on Fri Apr 15, 2011 12:13 pm

    Well, i try again someday.


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    Re: Halonen Enhancement Shaman

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