Poludela,lvl 60(duh!) resto shaman



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    Poludela,lvl 60(duh!) resto shaman

    Post by Poludela on Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:16 pm

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times? Yes.
    Can you listen on Ventrilo? Yes, I can.
    Can you speak as well? Not untill I get my new headset.

    Character name: Poludela
    Class: Shaman
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: Resto(0/5/46)I kno its much but i dont see any usefull talents in other trees except the 0/2 in guardian totems maybe.

    Raid experience: First of all my experience here. Did first boss in AQ20. 9/10 MC.
    I played retail for 3 years with a shaman,but been playing for 5 years now.Didnt play much on vanilla though WOTLK – 11/12 ICC25 HC and Ruby Sanctrum 25 1/1. Ulduar also cleared without last boss.

    Raid experience: Since I quitted retail I like playing vanilla, and I think im skilled enough for it. My spec:In need of some advice but I think its fine.

    Location: Banjaluka,Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Age: 18

    Do you know anyone in Forsaken, and if so, who? Well my friend Wew played in SARS before the merge but hes not playing atm.
    Why do you want to join Forsaken? I wanna progress somehow in this server, its mainly to have a good time and to gear up ofcourse. I like vanilla because i never played it before and I find it really challenging.

    What kind of person are you? Well I whould say im a friendly person.I always like to meet new folks.In raids im the “You lead I follow” kind of guy.I just do what im said to do.

    What can you bring to the guild? I always try to give my best and I play most of the day on main or on alts so you can reach me any time.

    Anything you want to add? Well I hope a happy end for this apply and in that case see you soon.
    -Kind Regards,

    - Poludela

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    Re: Poludela,lvl 60(duh!) resto shaman

    Post by Exstacy on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:21 pm

    Hi I am the CL for shamans, I must decline due to the merge we have a surplus of shamans and therefore it would be stupid to recruit more. About your application I can't find any negative, about your specc I could only say that's the only specc a resto shammy should have;)

    Feel free to reapply if you notice we need shamans, but for now you're declined.
    GL & HF hope you find another guild fit for you Smile

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