Dengi - Shadow priest



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    Dengi - Shadow priest

    Post by Dengi on Tue Mar 15, 2011 7:24 pm

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times?: Yes
    Can you listen on Ventrilo? Yes
    Can you speak as well? Yes

    Character name: Dengi
    Class: Priest
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: Shadow 20/0/31

    Raid experience: Everything up to broodlord Lashlayer pre-tbc retail including Ossirian, abit rusty on some tactics though. Can't remember jindo for example. Also got experience up to M'uru in sunwell in retail TBC, so I won't quit for TBC. Here 6/10 in MC and 6 in ZG and 1/6 in AQ20 with pugs/Legalize peacebloom.

    Class/spec experience: I didn't play priest at all on retail except on my friends that I raided a few times with. I have also played shadow priest on several private servers such as arena-tournament 2.4.3 (competive pvp server) and other pre tbc servers.

    Location Sweden
    Age: 18

    Do you know anyone in Forsaken, and if so, who? I don't really know anyone in the guild but I came from the server forsaken gaming when this server started and did a few raids with this guild.

    Why do you want to join Forsaken?
    You seem to be a very friendly guild and there aren't many raiding guilds that are recruiting shadow priests. And I really liked the rules about helping each other and running dungeons for that last part in your gear. Since that is something that ain't happening in the new "Raid" guilds on this server were most people show up to raids in shitty blues/green gear and often empty trinket slots for example. Especially when I am running at least 1 dungeon a day to get the last pieces I need. Most bad geared people on the server are mostly looking for a way to get carried instead of working for their gear.

    What kind of person are you? I am a friendly and social guy that likes to discuss many different topics such as WoW theorycrafting and Religion and almost everything between.

    What can you bring to the guild? My interest in WoW theorycrafting have made me good at understanding the game and knowing how to use most classes in the best way. Doing dungeons and farming consumables with guild members is a part of being in a guild if you ask me. Got Alchemy with supreme power recipe and alot more recipes and a alt that can make mooncloth. I am in progress of making a LW alt for salt shaker also.

    Anything you want to add? If you want to know how I left/Got kicked from the guild in the first place was that I thought the bugs in raids wouldn't get fixed and the server would end basicly like every other 1.12 server so I quitted. And I started to play again like a month ago.

    Almost all my WoW experience comes from playing Hybrid classes like Moonkin, Retribution and now Shadow priest. And one of the reasons I came here instead of retail is that I don't like the way hybrids work nowdays.


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    Re: Dengi - Shadow priest

    Post by nkremer on Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:31 am

    hello dengi

    yesterday i invited a new main shadowpriest, this means that we are once again full on shadow priests(becouse our current emn left vanilla).
    yet, we do have a spot for a backup shadowpriest, you will raid if the main shadow priest doesnt have his consumables ready, is to late on raiding times or slacks to much in raids.
    i dont think that will be the case, but if you want to be a backup shadowpriest in forsaken, whisper me for a chat when i am online(jindo)



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