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    Post by morenobg on Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:45 pm

    okey yes i did read rules and i agree em,raid times fit perfect to me as well .

    Got Ventrilo used it from long time can listen and speak 2 np bout that.

    My HERO name is Xyn, Im Mage !

    I prefer Frost/Fire for PVP and Arcane/Frost/Fire depends on instace im goin on.

    Raid damn got exprience on all clasic instances only without Naxx on TBC TK SSC Hujal never been on BT most hated instace from me is BWL ! Razorgore Cromm and Bloodlord .

    Mage Expiriece let's see about 2 Years as mage played and on TBC servers as mage.

    From Forsaken i know only Blastoff he made me Ecnahnt on my Robe.

    Heard its Frendly Guild got nice treath on players and its good proggresing guild cant say anything bout officers couse i dont know them yet.

    Im regular 21 years old Male Very Happy im frendly !

    If u inv me u win my skillzzz my consumables my knowedge and my good person.

    Im Happy Smile aaa and Forget to mention i live in Bulgaria and im 21 years old Smile

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