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    Post by napo on Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:13 pm

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times?: Yes
    Can you listen on Ventrilo? Yes
    Can you speak as well? Of course.

    Character name: Napo
    Class: Shaman
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: Resto 6-41

    Raid experience: Used to play in retail 5 years ago.Zg 8/8,Mc 10/10 and Ony,Bwl 8/8 aq 20 6/6,aq 40 first three.

    Class/spec experience: Started to play as a shaman in this server.I knew the basics from the past.
    Location: Greece
    Age: 20

    Do you know anyone in Forsaken, and if so, who?Unfortunately no,hope to know them.Smile

    What kind of person are you? Quiet,easy-going,fun to spend time witha little harsh sense of humour(hope it isnt a problem).I m studying medicine at the moment,being in the third year of my studies.

    Why do you want to join Forsaken? I m looking for a hardcore guild.i was in before i applied here but after a week being trial i understood that their raid times didnt fit my lifestyle.I believe that you have the same aspect about the game-competitiveness,progression,devotion,etc-.I red and totally agreed with your rules.

    What can you bring to the guild? Experience,devotion,will to succeed,help by any means possible,my best of efforts to make progress-and have fun while at it-.(Oh,nd harsh jokes:P).at the moment leveling up alchemism.
    Anything you want to add? BiS gear.(missing only good head)
    Commander Shepard

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    Re: application

    Post by Commander Shepard on Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:25 pm

    Accepted /w me ingame. FULL ON SHAMANS.

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    Re: application

    Post by Garahn on Fri Jan 28, 2011 4:50 pm

    napo wrote:(missing only good head)

    No worries, Ony gives good head.

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    Re: application

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