Application for a resto shaman



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    Application for a resto shaman

    Post by zakaras on Fri Jan 28, 2011 1:25 pm

    Hello forsaken ,

    As the topic says im applying with a level 60 resto shaman curently geared up in the full five thunders set, I ve already talked to figor IG about changing a few items on my set to better suit healing purposes.

    Let me introduce myself , IRL my name is matthew bishton I am 27 years old and I run a bar in france , don' t let that put you off I'm english so there won't be a language barrier. I've been playing World Of Warcraft for quite some time now , I hit 59 when the burning crusade came out so sadly I don't have much vanilla raiding experience ( I don't imagine raiding MC for fun when I hit 70 really counts ). I do however have a lot of experience healing in all the burning crusade raids from karazan all the way up to downing Illidan himself so I'm familiar with raid tactics and behaviour. I've always loved the shaman class and am always open to suggestions and advice on how to optimise my performance ( thus said to figor ). As a side note I used to sometimes raid as a DD in the enhancement spec for fun but that was very rare and I can't imagine enhancement being very useful in a raid without the dual spec , but I could be wrong.

    As a person I am very open minded and friendly , always ready to have fun while raiding, being serious when necessary but not forgetting the main point : that World Of Warcraft remains a game and thus should be fun . I always enjoy meeting new people and I firmly believe that the better people get along together , the better they raid.

    As to what I could bring to the guild in a strictly practical sense I'm a 300 alchi / herbalist, I don't have any flask reciepes yet but I can make other useful raiding potions such as elixir of the mongoose , sages , greater intelligence etc... I'm used to farming for the mats so I have no problem with committing a few hours to farm and make a batch of potions for an upcoming raid.

    I joined this server because because after trying out WOTLK for a few weeks and being thouroughly dissapointed I quit WOW altogether for a spell. Then my dream came true!! I found a vanilla server with a lot of players and a number of competent guilds , namely forsaken , which is why I now humbly present myself to you noble sirs and await your verdict.

    I think I've said everything , I hope I've answered all of your questions but if you need to know anything more please feel free to whisper me IG or through the forum , I'll happily tell you anything you need to know.

    Here's waiting for your answer

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    Re: Application for a resto shaman

    Post by Commander Shepard on Fri Jan 28, 2011 2:12 pm

    Really nice application and as you mentioned, we already talked ingame. You have saw the message or no, but we have spot for two restors now and I am willing to give you a trial period, contact ME ingame for an invite. And don't forget to change the items i mentioned.

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