New Looting Rules: Flux Style Loot. (Version 2)


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    New Looting Rules: Flux Style Loot. (Version 2)

    Post by Garahn on Tue Jun 15, 2010 5:48 am

    Flux Style Loot: Version 2
    Finding a balanced loot system is the hardest thing a guild needs to do. It's always the first big hurdle a new guild needs to jump. Can everyone work together for the same goal and not get greedy? Not get jealous? Over the years I've run into many loot systems that worked, but none that felt right. In the original form of this guild we had a mainly Class Leader/Loot Council system, and while imo it worked out very well in terms to loot distribution. However, in the end it seemed to slacken attendance and it weakened the guild as a whole. I do however know that the same can be said for DKP, in that members eventually start showing up and half assing it, just to get their DKP. To try and solve these problems, here is my solution.

    This loot system is a combination between DKP and Class Leaders. Loot will be distributed by two different means in tandem, so as to promote the good sides of our old Class Leader system as well as DKP. The first section will explain how you get your tier gear, the second section will talk about everything else.

    Tier Gear
    When it comes to all tier gear for your class, your Class Leader is in charge of who gets the gear. They will be taking note of every aspect of your performance in raids. They will be looking at things like:

    How many raids you attend.
    How prepared you are.
    How effective you are in raids.
    How helpful are you to others in the guild?
    Are you willing to respec for the good of the raid?
    Are you doing what is asked of you?

    This may sound like it will easily fall into the realm of a "favorites" system, and yes it will. That's exactly what it is. You need to communicate with your Class Leader. You need to impress them with your performance, you need them to think highly of you as a player and as a member of the guild. If your Class Leader likes you then you are doing your job right. The intent of this system is to foster a highly organized guild, wherein the Class Leaders need to ask a member to do something once, and only once, and it will be done. It may seem like asking a lot right now. But you guys will thank me when we down C'Thun.

    Now, there will be restrictions on the Class Leaders so that they do not become greedy or power happy. I have already explained to them the dangers of this system and they understand that they must be fair or this will never work. I trust them all though to make these decisions, and of course, feel free to talk to them about it, as that is the whole purpose to begin with.

    On a side note. If a Class Leader is not able to attend a raid, an advisor rank of that class will step into the role for the run, they will do the same job as the CL. If both are missing it will be loot councilled in the same manner which we do now (expect a roll between two of the class most of the time.)

    Now for the dkp side of things. DKP will be used in raids for all items that are not class related, (Meaning tier gear and items like Ancient Petrified Leaf and Eye of Divinity will all be done using the above system.)

    We will be awarding DKP as such:

    10 DKP at the start of the raid.
    5 DKP for each boss.
    10 DKP for the final boss.
    10 DKP for the end of the raid.
    10 DKP for each hour working on progression.
    15 DKP for progression kills (Starting with Rag and Ony).

    We are going to be doing bidding with our dkp. Say that Brutality Blade drops. I'll open the bidding at 10 dkp, all the rogues and dps warriors will then type Bid (number) in raid chat. The highest bid will win, unless someone ups the bid. If two bids are tied then a roll will take place. Whoever wins them item will receive it and will be deducted the correct amount of dkp. If no one wants to bid dkp on an item it will be rolled for, offspecs and alts have the same priority on this loot as mains. After about 15 seconds I will end the bidding and award the item to whomever bid the highest, I will then deduct that much dkp from them and award the item. We are going to, for now, use DKP across MC, BWL and Ony. This loot system is not intended for use in ZG. All items that are not class specific will be dolled out in this way. you can find out how much dkp you have by typing !dkp in a whisper directed at me, Garahn.

    As for members who must sit out a raid due to over population. Our raiding roster is based around several factors. Mainly these are your ability, your previous attendance and general Class Leader discretion. At the beginning of the raid Class Leaders will invite the members of their class that they wish to attend, this is done until we fill the raid with an appropriate composition. after this is completed an officer will create a group for those who did not get invited, they will receive beginning of raid dkp, however that is all they will receive outside of the raid. We want you to work for your dkp and for your position in these raids. Perform well and you will continue to raid. We want you all to be the best you can be. Be sure to speak with your class leaders regarding this.

    Of course waiting out during the raid also means you have a chance of getting in if anyone needs to leave. You will of course receive full dkp from that point onward.

    Alts will be allowed in raids and will be able to receive dkp for their main characters in certain situations. Speak with your class leaders regarding this.

    Our hope is that this system will allow for balance between the need to work hard for your tier gear and the need to show up for your weapons, rings, etc. We want you all to have a great time here, and we hope this system will allow for fun and drama free raiding. Contact me in game if you have any questions regarding the system.

    Again, this is not set in stone yet. We will make modifications as needed. Just remember that your tier gear is more important than anything else. Go out there and do your best, make your class leaders proud, and reap the benefits of being the best.

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