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    Alicewland - mage

    Post by Alicewonderland on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:02 pm

    Have you read and understood the guild rules, and can you attend raids with our current raid times?: Yes
    Can you listen on Ventrilo?: Yes I can
    Can you speak as well: Yea

    Character name: Alicewland
    Class: Mage
    Talent spec(s) you are applying with: I'm Currently frost, but I will if i get accepted roll 31/0/20

    Raid experience: Which classic raids have you completed, wether in classic, BC, Wrath or Cata, the point is: Do you know the tactics (still a moot point sometimes because this server has different tactics from retail on some bosses). Note: Knowing all will not get you an autoinvite, and knowing none will not get you an autokick, so there's no reason to lie and say you did them all if you didn't. We're just curious.
    I havn't been much of a raider in vanilla, I was pretty young back then and retardedly slow at leveling, so I didn't reach 60 before TBC came. Worth to mention is I've cleared Karazhan, Magtheridons lair and so, didn't raid that seriously back then either. In WOTLK I did pretty much everything including Lich King 10man, and that was before the huge nerf.

    Class/spec experience: How much experience do you have with playing the class and spec you are applying with?
    In pvp I could say I could say I got experience with my class, but not really in PVE, But a friend of mine plays mage at alliance and I've seen him done pretty much everything, or well by that I meant MC clear.

    Location: Sweden
    Age: 17 in just a few months.

    Do you know anyone in Forsaken, and if so, who?
    I don't.

    Why do you want to join Forsaken? Quite apart from being a good raiding guild, is there anything else about the Forsaken that has tickled your fancy? Have you heard of our humour, our insane officer staff, our mascot Viking? Why is it *Forsaken* that you want to join?

    Well since you're a english speaking guild this and prophecy was like the only guilds I was thinking about, but I saw in their forums that there was some unstability with people at raids, they are switching members alot, which in my opinion sounds unnessecary.

    What kind of person are you? As in are you a humorous person, are you friendly, do you like the odd dungeon that you don't really need, just to socialize, what makes you *you* and not the guy next to you?

    I'm a quite humorous guy, They call me "The clown of the class" in school and I'm trying my best to always keep the people around me in a good mood.

    What can you bring to the guild? Yes, we know you can bring another «insert your class and role here» to the guild. But what else? Are you the kind of guy that will help other guild members farm dungeons for items, would you help farm buff consumables for that big upcomming progression raid next weekend, do you have alts that can provide us with crafting items with CDs, anything like that.

    Some pure mage dps, I will help if needed with my 300 skills in herbalism to farm mats, or if anyone needs anything from engineering, I will be there! Wink hehe.

    Anything you want to add?

    Well, I'm currently in the guild "Adeia" so don't be scared to whisper me since this is more a friendly pvp guild, and I feel like I can still PVP with them if I'm not in it. cheers

    Alice in da wonderland! And I'm a 100% dude!

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    Re: Alicewland - mage

    Post by Zel on Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:52 am

    I dig it. Add me in game and throw me a tell and i'll do the same when I see you on.

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