Guild: Guidelines and Bylaws.


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    Guild: Guidelines and Bylaws.

    Post by Garahn on Sun Jun 13, 2010 6:43 am

    Ever since I began playing this game, I've wanted to be the best. I've min maxed many characters, used spreadsheets to get the slightest edge, and tuned my characters to be as good as they could be. But I was still, never the best. What I did learn, though, is that being the best is an effort, not just of yourself but of your guild. A whole guild is needed so that everyone can be their best, but everyone must be their best, in order to make a guild great.

    This is what I want from each and every one of you. I want you all to work your asses off to be the best on this server. Lets teach the Alliance why Hordes the best, and remind them that Horde get first kills.

    Below I'm going to outline some basic guidelines that I want you all to follow within the guild. Basic codes of conduct for how you should treat your fellow guildies, and of course, the best ways to treat the Alliance. Twisted Evil

    Guidelines for Guildies:
    1:Treat Everyone With Respect. This rule applys to everyone on the server. Our own guild members, members of other guilds, randoms, Alliance, also GM's. Show other people some respect and you'll make the guild look a lot better. Help a random person out with a quest quick, maybe lend a lowbie a few gold, you never know how that will come back to help you out. Karma really exists in games like this, even if it's all a game. I once helped a low level player out, just with a quick quest, nothing major. Later on he joined my raiding guild, because I had helped him, and he ended up an officer and one of our best Healers. Improving the view of our guild is a key aspect of becoming a great guild.
    When dealing with the Alliance, avoid ganking, or at least avoid camping. Give them a bit of space, let them heal and rest up, make the fights competitive. Not only does it help the view of the guild, but it also makes for some much more interesting pvp.

    2:Be Helpful to Others. This rule may seem repetitive, but I want to emphasize it within the guild. If someone needs help, help them. I'm not asking you to buy their epic mount, or to go farm all the mats they need for every item they need crafted, but do what you can. If someone is a new 60 and they are having trouble paying for skills, throwing a few gold their way to help them get the better ranks of their spells will help out a lot, especially in allowing groups they are in to be more effective, leading to faster gearing. Better geared players will aid us a lot in our raids. If someone needs some advice, tell them to speak with their class leader, or give them some useful hints you know yourself. Anything you can do to help is more than you do if you don't. And taking a newer, lesser geared member of the guild on a dungeon run is not a gimp to your group, it's a benefit to the guild and to the raids where you get your pretty, purple, pixels. So remember, a little help goes a long way.

    3:Listen to Your Class Leader. This rule should not even have to be said. Every classes class leader is their direct superior within the guild. If you have questions about your class, take it to them, if you want advice on spec, rotation, gearing, take it to them. They have final say on whether or not each member of their class gets a guild invite, gets a promotion to Raider, or gets to stay in the guild if disciplinary action is ever taken. (The one exception here being warriors. Rodent handles all DPS specced warriors, I myself handle the tanks.) If you have an issue with your Class Leader that stems from some form of personal argument, you can bring it to me and I will look into it. However your first stop for complaints, information and help should be your CL.

    The Class Leaders Are

    4:Work Hard. Do not expect to be carried. We do not intend to carry you. Everyone in the guild needs to work as hard as they can for us to progress. If you aren't as geared as you can be, keep running that dungeon for the last piece of loot. Keep at it. Imagine if all of us stopped at the bare minimum? We wouldn't get anywhere. So work hard, get the gear we need you to have. And be prepared to enchant it as best as is possible. Cremation is the guilds main enchanter. He should be able to help you out with w/e you need. To let you know how hard I expect you all to work, I need one piece of gear in Scholomance. I have run it 54 times now. It still hasn't dropped. While writing this I am afk, waiting for a healer to log on so we can run it again. If you work even half as hard as that I will be happy. But working just as hard will make the whole guild happy.

    5:Be Prepared. Try to be online half an hour before the scheduled raid times. Make sure you set aside at least 3 hours from the beginning of the raid in which you won't be forseeably distracted for anything more than a drink and bio. Bring consumables, potions, scrolls, food and flasks. Do everything you can to improve your character so that we can get the most out of every spot in the raid. The more prepared you come the better you will look to all of us, which will push you closer to Veteran Status. Veterans, remember, get preference on patterns that drop in raids and slight preference if any gear is ever loot councilled. So come prepared, and make the most out of everything you do. Also, do not repeatedly ask for invites. We are moving away form using any form of signups, because sometimes a badly formed group is caused by signups. We will try our best to cycle members and get everyone into raids, as well as trying to get solid groups that always raid set. Until then please do not keep asking, and try to not be disappointed if you do not get invited. I wish this was EQ and there was no limit in raids, but that's not the case.

    And dear god, come repaired.

    6:Listen. This one I cannot stress enough. Listen to all orders in vent. Listen to anything your CL or myself asks of you. Because chances are if you want to argue with us, you're wrong. It's possible that your other way of doing things could work just as well or even a bit better, but when it comes down to it everyone needs to be on the same page at all times. If you aren't following our instructions then you aren't doing your job. Initiates, this is the kind of thing that will keep you from becoming raiders. Raiders this is the kind of thing you should already know how to do. Learn my voice, sometimes someone will say the wrong thing in vent and it can screw us up, but my accent should be distinct enough for you to know when I'm talking. And know this, when I'm talking you should be listening.

    Side Note
    Ranks-These are the ranks within the guild, a long with some information as to what each one means. Your rank is your standing in the guild. Improving your rank is always a step in the right direction.

    Alt-This rank is self explanatory.

    Jam-This rank is dedicated to a group of our old friends who had to quit playing due to issues with the GM's on this server. They were called the Berries. This has now become a rank for any old friends we've lost to the passing of time, if you are Jam you will never be removed from the guild, you're like family.

    Initiate-This is the rank for new, trial, members of the guild. Trials will take place over a two week period from joining the guild. Showing up on time for raids, doing your job correctly and listening to the Raid Leader are ways that you become a raider.

    Raider-The most fundamental rank in the guild. This is the core of the guild, those of us who raid and get shit done. These members will get preference over Initiates in gear, and they will also be expected to perform near peak ability at all times.

    Veteran-If you have been in the guild for a long time and have, throughout that time, been an exemplary raid and guild member, you will acvieve the rank of Veteran. Mostly this is the same as the Raider Rank, but they will never be removed for inactivity, and they will get preference on guild advancing items, such as Alchemy recipes and Enchanting plans.

    Advisor-This is a Minor-Officer position, their input is considered important to the Class Leaders and Guild Leader, they can talk in officer chat, but mostly this is an honorary rank for those who contribute the most the progression of the guild through strategy.

    Class Leader-These are the top members of each class sect within the guild. They are the main officers of the guild, take your class/spec/strategy related questions to them. But, do not forget they are your superiors, and if they ask you to do something you are required to follow. If you have an issue with your Class Leader bring it to me. They will also be the decider on whether or not an Initiate will stay on with the guild as a Raider after there trial period is over.

    Guild Leader-Me, pretty much. I'll be making any overlapping decisions, but anything pertaining to your class should be asked to the class leaders first. (The only exception here is warriors, prot specced can bring questions to me, all others should go to Rodent, the warrior class leader.)

    More may be added in the future, but for now these are the rules you should all work by while you are in this guild. I'm hoping this helps us to become a more cohesive group in the months to come as we progress through this game at it's height. (Any questions may be sent to me in game or here on the forum.)

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